Statement of support

for the proposed 76 Place Arena

The 76ers are ready to bring a new, championship-caliber arena to the heart of Philadelphia.  In anticipation of this project, we want Philadelphia to know that we take our responsibility seriously and are pledging our commitment to being a model of equitable development that benefits not only its surrounding communities – but all of Philadelphia.

We will build on our commitment to racial equity, investments to support the revitalization and preservation of local neighborhoods, and multiple programs such as Buy Black and Spirit of Small Business to promote local, diverse businesses; we will bring our track record of partnering with local communities that we will build upon and continue with this project.

The 76ers pledge to invest in community resources that will intentionally support  economic vitality, preserve affordability, and prevent displacement;

The 76ers  pledge to create  job opportunities for local residents and tradespeople; we will create development that will ensure equitable employment opportunities and hiring for minority residents as well as their businesses;

The 76ers  pledge to invest in the city infrastructure; we believe in the power of transit-oriented development, what it means to the residents and visitors of the city to have safe, reliable accessibility;

The 76ers pledge to improve public safety in the area and will invest in programs and infrastructure to address issues of crime and safety that are currently negatively impacting residents, visitors, and businesses.

The 76ers  pledge to be environmentally responsible and to implement sustainable development practices in the construction and operation of the arena;

The 76ers  pledge to collaborate with community organizations to create programming and events that engage and benefit residents, creating a place of community gathering and pride on non-game days;

The 76ers  pledge to create an arena that is accessible to all members of the community, including those with disabilities, and that it provides opportunities for all people;

The 76ers  pledge to be transparent and accountable in our decision-making and will engage in open and honest communication with stakeholders throughout the development process and operational phase;

The 76ers pledge to be a cornerstone of this sports town, and to create an arena that will give our team every competitive advantage possible to attract and retain the talent needed to win championships;

By signing this letter, I stand with and support the 76ers in the development of the 76 Place arena project in its efforts to develop equitably and responsibly to benefit the surrounding neighborhoods and communities across Philadelphia. I believe in its potential to revitalize Market East and create opportunity for Philadelphians.

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